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3D Total Textures

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Total Textures collection-15 "Toon Textures"

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Total Textures collection-16 "Architectural Showroom"
Total Textures 16th Texture Collection is full of great Showroom Textures for really finishing those Architectural renders to the highest standards with as little effort as possible. As with all Total Texture Collections, each texture has been hand crafted from 100% original photography, made seamless where required, and each had a unique bump & specular map included. Each texture is also of course totally flexible and can be used in many projects - architectural or otherwise

36 Fabrics & Upholstery Textures
7 Marble Textures
4 Miscellaneous Textures
3 Rugs
15 Stone Textures
25 Tile Textures
23 Walls
21 Wood Textures … part01.rar … part02.rar … part03.rar … part04.rar … part05.rar … part06.rar … part07.rar … part08.rar … part09.rar … part10.rar … part11.rar



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