Dean Evenson - Wood Over Water

Исполнитель: Dean Evenson
Альбом: Wood Over Water
Стиль: New Age, Flute
Количество композиций: 12
Время: 60 мин.
Формат/Качество: mp3/256Kbps, 44.1 kHz
Размер: 112 Mb

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Product Description

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Warm, resonant tones of the wood flute merge with the gentle sounds of flowing water, weaving a relaxing tapestry of deep inner peace. Soothing flute melodies, soft drumbeats, and rattles invoke the spirit of nature to create a tranquil mood. For over twenty-five years, Dean Evenson has captured the magic and deep essence of the wood flute on many Soundings recordings. People have often asked for an all-wooden-flute album--so now, for the first time ever, he dedicates an entire album to the mystical quality of this beautiful instrument. Wood flutes are made from the earth elementals, sometimes hewn from tall cedars, or carved from reeds, bamboo, or--as in the case of one of Evenson's flutes--lightening-struck ash. The flute's subtle tones are blended with wisdom and the breath of life.

1. Wood Wind Whirl - 6:46
2. Spirit of the Wind - 5:04
3. Grounded in the Light - 4:58
4. Wind Song - 6:16
5. Wooden It Be Nice - 5:18
6. Listening to the Heart - 3:54
7. Patterns of Becoming - 4:00
8. Earth Blessings - 4:45
9. Breathing Deep - 5:08
10. Free Spirit - 5:23
11. Wave Cresting Canyon Wall - 3:57
12. Wind Water Flow - 4:46


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