Cyrus Chestnut – Geniune Chestnut (2006)

Artist & Band: Cyrus Chestnut
Title Of Album: Geniune Chestnut
Year Of Release: February 28, 2006
Label: Telarc
Genre, Style: Jazz
Type, Quality: mp3, 320 kbps, 44.1kHz, Stereo
Total Size: 126.11 MB

Кирус Честнут начал свою музыкальную карьеру с работы совместно с Джоном Хендриксом (1986-88), Тэренсом Бланчэрдом и Дональдом Хэррисом (1988-90), и Уинтоном Марсалисом (1991). В сентабре 1991 года начинает сотрудничество с легендой джаза Бэтти Картер, которое продлится два года. Спустя некоторое время Кирус Честнут сформировал свой джаз бэнд в состав которого вошли Кирус Честнут (фортепиано), Стив Кирби (басс), Альвестер Гарнетт (барабаны), Е. Дж. Аллен (трубач), Антонио Харт (алтсаксофонист) и Стив Кэррингтон (тенор саксофонист).

Song title:
1. The Brown Soldier – 4:51
2. El Numero Tres – 4:12
3. If – 5:19
4. Ellen's Song – 4:25
5. Mason Dixon Line – 4:40
6. Baby Girl's Strut – 5:01
7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – 6:28
8. Eyes On The Prize - 4:58
9. Through The Valley - 6:09
10. I'm Walkin' - 5:35
11. Lord I Give Myself To You - 3:19

Cyrus Chestnut - piano, producer
Russell Malone - guitar
Michael Hawkins - bass
Neal Smith - drums
Steve Kroon - percussion

Born in 1963, Cyrus Chestnut has become for his generation what Oscar Peterson was for his: the crowd-pleasing-est of mainstream pianists. Like the mighty Oscar, though with less superhuman speed, the genial Cyrus possesses consummate technical facility, swings hard, is most comfortable in a trio, enjoys the presence of a guitarist and in his mission to entertain sometimes plays play down to the audience. "Genuine Chestnut," Chestnut's first Telarc album, does boast an easy-listening treatment (as if there can be any other kind) of the old Bread ballad, "If." And, keyed to a gentle, subtly shifting reading of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," the performance is unusually restrained. A timely treatment of Fats Domino's "I'm Walkin,'" one of three cuts featuring the excellent guitarist Russell Malone, is surprisingly bereft of New Orleans style. But with its soulful thrusts, balletic flourishes, and unabashedly warm-spirited playing, the music grows on you. Backed by bassist Michael Hawkins and drummer Neal Smith (and, most of the time, percussionist Steve Kroon), Chestnut crafts original tunes that deal in gospel, funk, and blues without ever calling attention to the cards they're holding. --Lloyd Sachs


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