Fragment Orchestra - Fragmentorchestra (2002)

Artist & Band: Fragment Orchestra
Title Of Album: Fragmentorchestra
Year Of Release: 11/04/2002
Country: Italy
Label: Schema
Studio/Live: Studio
Genre, Style: Downtempo, Future Jazz, nu-jazz
Type, Quality: APE+CUE, lossless; mp3, 320 kbps; HQ cover
Total Time: 57:16
Total Size: APE - 323.86 MB; mp3 - 132.01 MB

Fragmentorchestra is the pairing of Italian jazz aficionados Luca Pernici & Giulio Vetrone. The result is a beautiful and up-tempo album of moods and grooves for some autumnal bliss. For Luca and Giulio, Jazz also means improvisation, which Luca Pernici explains. "A musician, in the moment at which improvisation occurs, is irrationally set free from any approach, creating a philosophy of composition without any given time or place". The goal is just this, to preserve an improvised approach through breaking down beats and notes but still achieving the variety of an orchestra or better yet, a Fragment Orchestra...

Luca Pernici was born in Reggio Emilia in 1969. At the tender age of eight he was already carrying out preparatory studies at the local musical school "Achille Peri" and when he turned eleven, he started to take piano and solfeggio lessons whilst his passion for music and for technology pushed him to find spaces in recording studios. Later with more than ten years experience in the studio as a producer, arranger and composer his passion transformed into the desire to open his own studio in 2000: the 'NuSound musiclab'. This became the catalyst for concentrating on and interacting with other artists and his own productions with a view to broadening his views for new horizons. It was under these conditions that he met Giulio Vetrone and the pair set up the MaffiaSoundSystem which led the pair ultimately to the beats and jazz permutations of Fragmentorchestra.

The extensive productions coming out of NuSound musiclab have inspired Luca Pernici to perform his creations to the public and for those curious of what will come next all we can say is that in the same manner that Brazilian music has influenced many artists, Senegal has captured Pernici's mind and soul. But for the meantime set yourself free amongst the cool reflections of the Fragmentorchestra.

Song title:
1 De Muse (6:16)
2 Sambita (6:25)
3 Metropolis (6:05)
4 The Rabbit (4:25)
5 Sunlit (6:48)
6 Water Breeze (5:41)
7 Spirits' Voices (4:45)
8 Back Shop (4:27)
9 Carioca (5:40)
10 Funkita (For The Dining Rooms) (6:36)

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