Kiku Collins - Here With Me

Artist: Kiku Collins. Here With Me
Album: Here With Me
Year Of Release: Apr 10, 2007
Label: Innova
Genre: Jazz /Smooth jazz
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Time: 38:40 min
Size:  89.7MB

Kiku has a unique sound. Not only is her group tightly knit, she has an outstanding sound. She layers on trumpet, flugel, and trombone parts that fit well together. You can feel her spirit in the quality of her playing. Aren't many ladies playing trumpets and she is definately one to watch. After listening to this CD I wanted to hear more.

01. Here With Me
02. Mr. Barista
03. The Messenger
04. Confidential Obituary
05. Cartoons Of The Prophet
06. Levitation
07. Acid Cowboy
08. You Too
09. Blues Again
10. Sakura

"Here With Me" features fabulous NYC musicians Julian Harris (Co-Producer, Guitars, Electric Bass), Tony Graci (Drums), Nick Cudahy (Acoustic Bass), Jorge Bringas (Acoustic-Electric Bass), Steve Shapiro (Vibraphone), Alex Alexander (Percussion), Manuel Carro (Percussion), Andy Ezrin (Piano), Trevor Exter (Cello), Greg Hirte (Violin), Jay Rodriguez (Flute), as well as her daughter Tani, who makes a very special guest appearance.

You can come to your own conclusions about what was going through her head or life while writing and recording this album. It's this kind of thinking that will get you everywhere... You can start with a few facts: Kiku is a Jersey girl who wound up in the City, her name means Chrysanthemum in Japanese (where some of her DNA originates), she plays a brass instrument in a man’s world, and is a personal trainer and mother. Caffeine makes all this possible (though you’d be hard-pressed to hear much of that in this laid-back music).

“Her phrasing, sound and lyricism remind me of great singers. I really enjoy listening to her CD and would highly recommend it to others"
Mike Vax, Big Band Leader, Trumpeter, Educator

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