Art Pepper and Sonny Redd - Two Altos (1957)

Artist & Band: Art Pepper & Sonny Redd
Title Of Album: Two Altos
Year Of Release: 1957
Studio/Live: Studio
Genre, Style: Jazz
Type, Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps; Covers + Scans
Total Time: 31:40
Total Size: mp3 - 77.32 MB

Perhaps the finest star on this horn today is ART PEPPER. A Bird-inspired disciple who has developed his own powerful voice, Art’s allegiances have been with the so-called “West Coast” school of jazz, but he’s a might swinger! A well-schooled musician, his inventive skill is enhanced by the technical fluency which allows him the freedom of cascading runs to complement his biting attack. On the accompanying tracks, his role is mainly that of lyric balladeer, performing at medium to slow tempos, occasionally balanced by the tenor sax of Jack Montrose who plays counterpoint figures under opening and closing choruses, and occasionally soloing. On EVERYTHING, pianist Claude Williamson takes his only solo.

The remaining two tracks are extended vehicles for the combo led by young alto star SONNY REDD. A Detroiter, recently in New York, he has stirred great interest with his emotional, fiery alto style. Accompanied here by the ex-Kenton baritone star who has been appearing recently with his own combo, Pepper Adams, the two horns join vigorously with a pulsing rhythm section. Pianist Wynton Kelly is no youngster to modern jazz, having been a stalwart of many Dizzy Gillespie bands, as well as accompanist to jazz singers, combo man, etc. Doug Watkins, superb technician on his bass, is another of the large crop of outstanding younger musicians to come out of Detroit in recent years, and drummer Elvin Jones (brother of Hank and Thad) is a cooking asset to many a modern combo these days. He has appeared with J.J. Johnson, among others.

Both tracks by Redd are in a groovy mood… one medium, one medium-up. Everyone solos, including an extended bowed bass solo by Watkins on PRODUCTS and an interesting exchange by the drums on the blues HEAD. Elvin chases 6-bar figures, rather than the usual “fours”, with the other men to a diverting rhythmic pattern.

Song title:
1. Deep Purple (3:58)
2. Watkins Production (9:36)
3. Everything Happens To Me (3:08)
4. Redd's Head (9:13)
5. These Foolish Things (2:41)
6. What's New (3:25)

1 & 6:
Art Pepper (alto saxophone)
Jack Montrose (tenor saxophone)
Claude Williamson (piano)
Monty Budwig (bass)
Larry Bunker (drums)
2 & 4:
Sonny Redd (alto saxophone)
Pepper Adams (baritone saxophone)
Wynton Kelly (piano)
Doug Watkins (bass)
Elvin Jones (drums)
Art Pepper (alto saxophone)
Russ Freeman (piano)
Bob Whitlock (bass)
Bobby White (drums)
Art Pepper (alto sax)
Hampton Hawes (piano)
Joe Mondragon (bass)
Larry Bunker (drums)

Recording Dates: March 4, 1952; March 29, 1953; August 25, 1954; November 12, 1957

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